why use a shredding service?

When you need to shred confidential documents you can use your office shredder or hire a shredding service.

Here are 5 reasons why using a shredding service is far better than your office shredder...

  1. Shredding Services Provide A Document Record of Information Destruction
    If you use your office shredder to destroy confidential documents, there is no record of what's been shredded, when it's been shredded or by whom. Professional shredding companies provide a Certificate of Destruction, which offers documentation of each shred and protects your business in the event of an audit or lawsuit.

  2. It Costs Less Than Your Office Shredder
    When you consider employee wages and the time it takes for them to shred, then factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on the shredder, it costs nearly twice as much to use an office shredder as it does for an on-going shredding service.

  3. Allows Your Employees To Focus On Their Jobs
    Your employees have better things to do than operate an office shredder. Using a shredding service lets your employees focus on the jobs you hired them to do.

  4. Helps Keep You Compliant With Information Destruction Laws
    A good shredding company does more than shred paper. They are information security experts that can help your organization stay compliant with the ever-changing federal and state information destruction laws.

  5. Protects Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business
    If your confidential records fall into the wrong hands it can expose your customers and employees to information fraud and identity theft, and subject your company to severe fines, bad PR, and lost business.