All security containers are delivered and set up for your convenience.
​Simply drop your confidential material into the slotted containers and SK Paper Shred will do the rest!


Dimensions: 40" h x 19" w x 19" d

Capacity: 100 lbs 

Weight: 72 lbs


Dimensions: 36" h x 21.5" w x 16" d

Capacity: 80 lbs / 30.2 Gallons

Weight: 48 lbs


Dimensions: 41" h x 25" w x 29" d
(104 cm h x 635 cm w x 74 cm d)

Capacity: 66 Gallons / 250 L 

​*Holds equivalent of 2 consoles

shredding containers

The attractive design of our security containers and consoles is not the only thing that makes them better than our competition's containers. The "flip top" feature lets you dump multiple documents into the container at once, while  third wheel in the back allows you to move it to other locations.


Dimensions: 27" h x 11" w x 20" d

Capacity: 20 Gallons

Weight: 7 lbs

*Holds 80% capacity of console

We offer a wide variety of security containers and consoles, provided free of charge
​to our on-going service customers. Here are four of the most popular options we offer.