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"SK Paper Shred is always on time. And if we ever need to schedule an earlier pickup, they always accommodate us. We're very pleased with their service."

Skylands Urology

"In a doctor's office everything has to be kept confidential. With
​SK Paper Shred's on-going service, we're confident that everything is being securely shredded."

Sparta Pediatrics

"With the HIPAA laws that went into effect about 5 years ago, we can't take any chances when it comes to the security of the information of the people that we are serving. That's why we use SK Paper Shred."

Karen Ann Quinlan

"The other shredding company couldn't shred our file folders, but SK shreds everything. They have newer trucks and a newer facility. They're far superior to our old shredding company."

Ralph Fredericks
R.A. Fredericks & Co.

"I switched from our office shredder to SK Paper Shred because I handle a lot of confidential information for our clients and I needed to have peace of mind. With SK it's much easier and much better and I'm confident that everything is getting shredded."

Duke DeGroat
Duke Agency

"I feel secure knowing that SK Paper Shred is properly destroying our confidential information. I've known Skip for a long time and I trust him."

Hamburg Plumbing Supply

"It's very important for us to do business with locally-owned companies like SK Paper Shred. They've been a good fit for us."

​Sandy Allen
Sussex County Community College

customer testimonials & AWARDS

"Switching to SK Paper Shred has made our office a lot cleaner, because we don't have boxes of paper lying around. We just put the sensitive materials right into the bin and it's secure. Then on our pickup day it goes out to the truck and everything is shredded right here, on-site."

Bob Baldwin
Baldwin Enterprises, Inc

Awarded in recognition of an individual, business or organization that demonstrates a partnership approach with other stakeholder(s) as a major element in their achievement.